It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children and young people and to do our best to keep them safe.

The promotion of our children’s safety and wellbeing is central to our aims and objectives as a school community.

The Child Protection Procedures for Primary Schools apply to all recognised primary and post-primary schools and to all members of school personnel.

The BOM of St Louis GNS has formally adopted and is implementing the 2017 Child Protection Procedures for Primary Schools.

In St Louis GNS, we have clear and comprehensive policies and procedures in place to safeguard our children and for reporting concerns, if and when they arise. Our staff are comprehensively trained in child protection procedures and acutely aware of our responsibilities as ‘mandated person’ under the ‘Children First Act 2015’.

You can view the  Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children and the Children First Act 2015  here

Children First Guidance describes the four main types of abuse and sets out the steps which should be taken to ensure that the child or young person is protected from harm. It has been updated to include new information about the Children First Act 2015 and it includes specific information for the professionals and organisations that now have legal obligations to keep children safe. . In January 2019 the Children First Guidance was amended by way of an addendum to ensure that online safety is specifically accounted for in child safeguarding statements, as required under the Children First Act.

Children First E-Learning Programme for Everyone in the Community

Tusla has worked with the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and the HSE to develop a universal e-learning programme called ‘Introduction  to Children First’. The programme has been written to support people of all backgrounds and experience in recognising concerns about children and reporting such concerns if they arise.

The programme takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete but it can be done in a number of sittings. The programme will allow you to log back in and resume where you left off. It covers topics including:
  • Recognising and reporting child abuse;
  • The role of mandated persons;
  • The responsibilities of organisations working with children to safeguard children;
  • The role of designated liaison persons.

You will need to create an account using an email address to log in and complete the progamme. This allows you to complete the training gradually over time. Once you have created your account, launch ‘An Introduction to Children First’.  When you have completed the programme, you will receive a certificate of completion directly to your email address.

You can register for the course here.