St. Louis Girls' National School MonaghanThe St. Louis association with this school dates back to Jan. 6th 1859 when three St. Louis Sisters came from France, at the invitation of the then Bishop of Clogher- Bishop Mc Nally

Two of the Sisters, Genevieve and Clemence, taught in the Sisters’ residence in Mill St. and then on the North Road, until a suitable premises was acquired near Sparke Lake in July of that year.

The third Sister, Sister Claire, taught in the Poor School in Latlurcan from 1859 until 1863.


The following developments are noted from the Annals of the Sisters:

  • 1863- 1876 Primary School in the grounds of the Convent (Old Brewery),
  • 1876 – 1974 School at Lakeview. This school catered for boys up to 1st Class as well as girls.
  • 1963- St. Louis Infants’ School built.
  • 1974- Present St. Louis Girls’ School on Park Rd. established.

St. Louis Girls' National School MonaghanSr. Genevieve Beale

St. Louis Girls' National School Monaghan

St. Louis Crest which is recognised worldwide.

The St. Louis Sisters and their co-workers have carried on these mottos down through the years. Ut Sint Unum- ‘That all may be one” comes from the prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper and was very dear to the early members of the St. Louis Family.