An important message from the Green Schools’ Committee:

Please remember if you or your parents are wearing plastic disposable gloves at this time to dispose of them carefully and put them in bins. We need to think of our environment.
We look forward to seeing our composting bin when we return to school. All our hard work will have paid off and we look forward to using this compost on the herb garden that Ms. Healy and a group of students planted.
On our return we will have our map of Monaghan ready and we will be able to see where our pupils live on this map. Sorcha Brophy will return and use this information for our walk audit. Another step towards getting our Travel Flag!


October 2019

Our new Green Schools’ Committee for 2019/20 has been elected and the members have been assigned their jobs on a rotational basis. Having just secured our Water Flag in June, we are now beginning to work towards our 4th Green Flag-Travel.

Sorcha Brophy, Green Schools Travel Officer, visited the school on Tuesday 22nd October to carry out a travel survey with all our classes. This will provide an excellent starting point from which  to plan our work going forward.

The 2019-2020 committee members include: Ugne, Mia, Mollie, Kayla, Adriana, Malwina , Cáitlin, Melanija, Fiona, Shania, Rebecca, Ula, Eimer, Holly, Alina, Ava, Natalie, Gintare, Kaitlyn and Klaudia.