EthosOur Vision

We Aim:

To promote the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the person of the pupil including her relationship with God, with people and with the environment as we work in partnership with our parents for the welfare of our students.
To encourage each child to develop to her full potential in a secure, supportive and respectful atmosphere.
To maintain the highest professional standards of teaching and learning for the pupils entrusted to our care.
To provide continuous learning opportunities for each member of our Teaching and Support Staff

VisionOur Ethos

The following is an extract from our ethos statement:

We work to create a life giving, happy, stimulating school community where children, parents, staff, management and visitors feel valued, accepted, welcomed and appreciated. We strive towards making the school a centre of excellence in which the highest professional standards are maintained and where pupils enjoy learning in a safe, caring, happy environment.