Over the past few months, our 5th class girls have been taking part in the CASE project. CASE stands for Collaborative and Shared Education and this is the fourth year we have partnered with St Mary’s BNS and Urbleshanny NS.
The project kicked off in November when the five 5th classes met for a ‘Get to know you’ walk in Rossmore Forest Park. During the spring term, the pupils learned to build, modify and code using Lego WeDo 2.0. Once familiar with the basics, each class studied a topic in depth. Mrs Cassidy’s girls learned all about Recycling and Ms Holland’s class learned about Plants and Pollinators. Pupils worked as engineers to design and programme solutions to real life problems. They created a video to teach the other classes the science and engineering behind their topic. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos and learning from each other.
The three schools will meet again in June when they travel to DKIT for the end of year school tour.