Pictured are the 30 winners (3 from each class) of the Sponsored Walk Colouring Competition organised by the Parents’ Association. The winners were announced after the walk and each was presented with an Easter Egg by Karen Prunty and Jacqueline Sheridan on behalf of the PA.

2nd Class Ms. Reilly: Alina, Faye & Greisa                                  4th Class Mrs Treanor: Inna, Julia & Zahraa

2nd Class Ms.Brady: Nadia, Kiara & Ellie Mai                           5th Class Mrs McGeown: Alexandra, Elizabete & Valerija

3rd Class Ms. McNally: Vilte, Adrija & Haydn                            5th Class Ms. Harris: Cynthia, Manisha & Mia

4th Class Mrs Cunningham: Paulina, Erin & Klaudija              6th Class Ms. Holland: Milisha, Katie & Jessica

3rd Class Mrs |Treanor: Natalia, Linara & Maggie                    6th Class Mrs Cassidy:Jeanette, Greta & Eliza