On 18th March 2015, the first meeting of the Health Promoting Schools Committee took place. Present at the meeting were Ms. Monica McCrory, Health Promoting Schools’ co-ordinator, Ms. Fiona O’Gara, parent of Aoife (3rd Class), Ms. Margaret McCullagh, parent of Aoife (2nd class), Ms. Anne Brady, teacher, Ms. Róisín Treanor, teacher, Gabija Ragaliauskyte and Gránia Curran, 5th class, Rhiain Ronaghan, 3rd class and Orlaith McNally, 4th class.

The meeting was a very productive one, where Gabija was elected as secretary, with Gránia as assistant secretary. Rhiain was elected as chairperson with Orlaith becoming the assistant chairperson. Fiona and Margaret worked on formulating a questionnaire for parents which will be distributed after the Easter holidays. The pupils worked with Monica to elicit how they would move forward to inform the school community of the progress being made. The decision was made to have a school notice board, to erect the official banner at the entrance to the school and to inform the classes about the work as we progress. The parent body and wider community will be kept up to date through our School Newsletters and the School’s website. Ms. Brady and Ms. Treanor worked on the staff questionnaire and pupil lessons.

When all pupil, parent and staff questionnaires are completed, the information will be collated and from there the committee will see which priority areas will form the basis of the Health Promoting Schools’ Action Plan. You will be kept updated at each stage of our plan.


Our Health Promoting Schools’ Committee have been working hard on the development of our new Healthy Eating Policy. The policy has been approved by the HSE nutritionist, the staff and the parents and is now ready to be implemented. On Friday 13th November, the pupils and staff gathered in the school hall for our in-school launch of the policy. The members of the HPS committee, guided by Ms. Brady and Mrs Treanor, had prepared a short presentation to explain the policy to all our pupils

The committee members are: Daisy Walker, 3rd class ,Rhiain Ronaghan, 4th class, Orlaith McNally 5th class, Grania Curran and Gabija Ragaliauskyte, 6th class

The committee ran a Healthy Eating Poster Competition in recent weeks and on Friday they announced the winners who are pictured below:

2nd Class: Alexandra Karlaite & Ernesta Marut
3rd Class: Martyna Rygielska & Aoife Devlin
4th Class: Victoria Sherry & Victoria Knaginiceve
5th Class: Faith Bambigboye & Amanda Smarkova
6th Class: Samanta Lapina & Juste Neimantaite