Eve McNally, Lauren Dorris, Fausta Lekniute, Cathy Otsalt, Ella Lappin, Ella Connolly, Natalie Connolly, Melisa Rutkauskas, Greta Antimonovaite and Angel Ogbedeagu.

Yearly Plan 2016-17

Academic Areas:

1. SPHE- Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Support the HPS Committee
  • Talk for parents from Mental Health Professionals.
  • Using music to promote a calm atmosphere in the classroom.
  • Positive mental health messages (posters from HSE).
  • Continuing with Healthy Recipes on Newsletter.

2. Reading

  • Tips for Parents to support their children’s reading at home.
  • Read aloud story sessions facilitated by pupils from St. Louis Secondary.

3. Behavioural Area:

  • To help improve the quality of the children’s play during outdoor and indoor (wet) playtime.
  • Dancing.
  • Go Noodle

4. Climate of Partnership-Making the School a more Welcoming Place

  • Gratitude Tree.
  • School Annals.
  • Punctuality Drive.
  • Hot Chocolate Stall at the Big Switch On.