This year’s student committee members are Melisa Rutkaukas, Natalia Connolly, Ella Connolly, Ella Lappin, Victoria Sherry, Niamh Mc Guinness, Aoife Mc Skeane, Laura Smyth, Anna Mallen and Sophie Mallen

Yearly Plan 2015/2016


Support the schools’ SPHE focus. The school is ratifying a new Healthy Eating Policy and participating in the Health Promoting Schools Programme. It was decided that the ATP would work with these initiatives in various different areas from lunch box ideas to healthy recipes.

Maths Problem Solving

Support the school’s Problem-Solving Focus. Tables are to be focused on and a book with the tables language will be given to parents.


Behaviour In The Playground. The student Committee will conduct a survey with each class group to see what activities they would like in the yard.

Climate of Partnership Change

Making the school a more welcoming place. The class groups are going to take one month each to display art work on the tree at the front of the school.

Thanks very much to each and every member of the adult team:

David Mc Cague, Anne Healy, Niamh Coyle, Laura Dunlop, Aurelija Miskinyte, Fionnuala Mc Carron, Fiona O’ Gara, Maeve Hackett, Tracey Mullen, Bernie Farrell & Anna Mai Rooney