There are ten girls on our present Action Team Partnership, one to represent each class in the school. They are:

Ella Lappin and Ella Connolly in second class, Niamh Mc Guinness and Laura Smyth in third class, Victoria Sherry and Aoife Mc Skeane in fourth class, Sophie Mallen and Anna Mallen in 5th class and Sarah Douglas and Aimee Mc Carron in 6th class.


The committee meet once a month beginning in October. The meetings last for one hour and are attended by both the adult and child members.

The Work achieved

  • Because we are working on Oral Language along with Tables and Mental Maths in numeracy, the group did the following:
  • Developed Oral Language and Maths homework tips which were sent out to all parents
  • Organised drama classes facilitated by a Lithuanian parent
  • Organised an assembly on the etiquette of meeting and greeting
  • Addressed the language needs of parents whose first language is not English by discussing their educational experiences and listening to their impressions of the Irish system
  • Facilitated a Maths challenge each week and an awards system for the challenge
  • Collected and published Maths facts to make Maths part of everyday living
  • To support the school’s Anti-Bullying work, the Action Team Partnership assisted by:
  • A review of the school’s Anti-Bullying Plan
  • School-wide promotion of the school’s new approach to bullying
  • Organisation of Anti-Bullying Week with parent workshops, pupil workshops, media reports, Smile and Compliment Day and a special assembly
  • Finally, to promote the school as a welcoming place for all, the partnership made the following changes:
  • A new lay-out and presentation of newsletters
  • Organised coffee mornings and talks for parents
  • The organisation of new books for each classroom library

The Future

It is the linking of all our work in each area to the partnership and the extra time, resources and ideas brought to our planning which makes the ATP a great success in our school. This is our new way of doing business, one we hope to keep, improve and ensure continued success with in the future.