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School Tours 2019

The two 2nd Classes went to Erica’s Fairy Forest in Cootehill. It was so exciting and they really enjoyed exploring the fairy doors and stories. They also learned about Erica’s story. After the Fairy Forest, the tour went to Kool Kids, an indoor adventure centre in Cavan. The girls had a great time rock climbing, getting their faces painted and playing on the slides and in the ball pits. They got lunch there and yummy ice-cream. It was a super day!

  • On Friday last, 3rd and 4th classes went on their school tour to Navan Fort in Armagh. There was great excitement amongst the girls to learn about life 2,000 years ago and see how the Celts lived. The girls participated in three activities. They were shown some artefacts from the Stone Age and learnt about the tools and weapons used during this time. They then visited an Iron age dwelling where they met  two Celts who told them all about their way of life. The girls even got to try their hand at making homemade butter! The final activity involved making a beautiful, decorative shield. Before leaving, the girls watched a very informative video about myths and legends,  Emain Macha and Cú Chulainn. After a very busy morning, the girls were delighted to make a stop at Friar Tucks where we were very well looked after. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their excursion and a great day was had by all.