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6th Class Work May 25th-29th

Hello Girls,

We hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend. Here is the work for this week. If you have any questions or difficulties, please email us. We would love to see some of your completed work, particularly your Australia projects. If you wish you could choose a piece of completed work and email us a photograph. We will email the Maths answers to you each Friday.

 We hope you are all keeping healthy and well,

Ms. Holland and Mrs McGeown


Tables Champion

Please continue with the next week – one test daily Monday – Thursday


Figure It Out–hs1l-EL6qAv66xupV7oI/edit?usp=sharing

Click on the link above to access the Maths revision work for this week on ‘Fractions, Decimals and Percentages’.

Monday: Mental Computation Q. 1 – 16

Tuesday: Mental Computation Q 17 – 32

Wednesday: Written Computation Q 1 – 18

Thursday: Written Computation Q 19 – 30




Complete the next unit and complete 1 or 2 activities daily with the aim of having all activities completed by the end of the week.


Read at Home

(Primary – 6th Class – English – My Read at Home – My Read at Home Book 6 – Online Book)

*Click on the link below to get direct access to these pages without using the CJ Fallon website


Monday – The MV Kerlogue pg. 30

Tuesday – What’s in a name? pg. 31

Wednesday – A Test pg. 32

Thursday – The Hypochondriac pg. 33

Friday – The Choctaw pg. 34


Reasons to Write

In the packs you received from the school this week, you each would have got a copy of the Reasons to Write textbook. You can use this book for your English homework this week.


Monday: How to make a Rainmaker pg. 62 and 63

Tuesday: Make a percussion instrument pg. 64

Wednesday: Grammar and Punctuation pg. 65 A and B

Thursday: Grammar and Punctuation pg. 65 C


Accelerated Reader 

The Accelerated Reader website has granted FREE access to all their online books! You can access this resource by clicking on this link:

Try to spend a minimum of 30 minutes reading every day! 


Diary Keeping 

We hope you are enjoying keeping your diary and will continue to do so 🙂


Creative Writing:

We know how disappointing it is that you will not be having a formal graduation in the school this year and that you won’t be able to do a lot of the things that other 6th class year groups have done. However, we hope to put together some of your best memories in St. Louis Girls’ National School as a tribute to your time in the school.

This week, we would like you to get thinking about your favourite memories in St. Louis GNS. Take out a sheet of paper and start brainstorming your fondest memories. Some ideas to trigger your memory:

Other 6th class groups mentioned

  • The Peace Proms in the RDS
  • The trip to the Bragan Bog
  • Making pancakes for the Cake Sale

Each of you will have your own special memories with your friends so try and think about the ones that meant the most to you. It could be something funny that happened between you and your friends while in school or on a school tour. Please remember that whatever memory you decide to share, it is important that it won’t cause offence, or upset anyone.

When you have decided on your best memories we would like you to create a short video clip (no more than 30 seconds). If you don’t feel comfortable creating a video, you can include a photo and text or be creative and write a poem.

You can send me your videoclip/email/poem whenever you have it finished to our email addresses.

I look forward to hearing all your best memories!





(Primary – 6th Class – Gaeilge – Léigh sa Bhaile – Léigh sa Bhaile  Leabhar F – Online Book)

Dé Luain – Agallamh lch. 25

Dé Máirt –  Biachlár lch. 26

Dé Céadaoin – Cuaillí Eolais lch. 27

Déardaoin – An Chistin lch. 33

Dé hAoine – Síolta lch. 34


Read the Irish comprehension aloud and if possible have an adult or sibling ask you the questions in English/Irish and answer in Irish.



For the summer term we want you to complete a project on the country Australia. You will have plenty of time to complete the project and will have a choice on how you want to present the project.

Options on how to present the project: 

– Create a PowerPoint Presentation

– Create a poster (previous 6th classes presented their projects on a palm tree, outline of a suitcase, outline of the shape of Australia, outline of a kangaroo – be creative!)

– Create a scrapbook


Topics to be covered in the project: 

  1. Australian Food e.g. Vegemite, Tim Tams, Pavlova, etc.
  2. Australian Animals e.g. koala, kangaroo, wombat, wallaby, platypus etc.
  3. Australian slang words e.g. ‘G’day mate!’
  4. Australian pastimes e.g. surfing, Aussie rules football etc.
  5. Early History – The Aboriginal People
  6. Geographical Facts e.g The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru
  7. Natural Disasters e.g. The bushfires
  8. Famous People
  9. Landmarks e.g. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House


  • Choose a topic a week to research and gather resources like you did for the WW2 project.
  • Decide how you want to present your project and start to lay out the different photos, drawings, magazine cut-outs, maps and photos each week.
  • At the end of each week we will want you to email us a photo of the topic that you have covered for the week.




All you need for this art lesson is an A4 sheet of paper, a ruler, a pencil and a rubber. You can play the tutorial on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Play the tutorial and pause regularly to complete the steps.
  • When you have finished the one point perspective drawing, you can colour in the cityscape with colouring pencils or markers.