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5th Class Work May 25th-29th


Hello Girls,

We hope you had a nice weekend. Here is the work for this week. You have the Figure it Out, Exercise your English and  a photocopy of the Irish story in the packs that were collected in school last week. If you have any questions or difficulties, please email us. We will email the Maths and Gaeilge answers to you on Friday. Thank you to those sending us photos of your work;  we love seeing how you are getting on.

We hope you are all keeping healthy and well. 

Mrs Cassidy and Ms Harris


Tables Champion​: Week 30 Ms Harris

Mrs Cassidy:  Go through your workbook and complete any days that were missed earlier in the year.

Figure it Out 

This week we will be using Figure it Out. You will find it in your pack of books

Log in to your account on the CJ Fallon website  Click on Student Resources:

(Select Primary – 5th Class – Maths – Figure it Out –  Figure it Out 5 – Fifth Class –

Online Book – go to page 53)

3-D Shapes

● Monday: ​pg 53

● Tuesday​: pg 54

Algebra  ​

● Wednesday​: pg 79

● Thursday​: pg 80

● Friday​: pg 81 Q 30-40


  • Spellbound ​Week 33 Ms Harris

Week 34 Mrs Cassidy


  • My Read at Home 5  Click on Student Resources:

(Primary- 5th Class- English- My Read at Home- My Read at Home Book 5- online book )

Monday: A Lunchtime Chat p 97 ​

Tuesday: Derrygimlagh Bog p 98 ​

Wednesday: Mountains p 99​

Thursday: Albert Einstein p 100​

Friday: Does that Add Up? p 101​ ​


  • Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader website has granted FREE access to all their online books! You can access this resource by clicking on this link:

Try to spend a minimum of 30 minutes reading every day! 

Exercise Your English

Monday- Comprehension ‘Luke’ p 42-43 Exercise A

Tuesday- Comprehension ‘Luke’ p 42-43 Exercises B

Wednesday – Verb Tenses p 45

Thursday/Friday- Cloze ‘Space Age’ p 49


  • Diary Writing: Continue to keep a diary and write an account of your day and news events.


  • Léigh Sa Bhaile  Click on Student Resources:

(Primary – 5th Class – Gaeilge – Léigh sa Bhaile – Léigh sa Bhaile  Leabhar E –

Online Book)

Dé Luain- Ag Maisiú p 29​

Dé Máirt – Na Míonna p 30 http://​

Dé Céadaoin – Ag Siopadóireacht p 31 ​

Déardaoin – Púca Beag p 32 ​

Dé hAoine – Cuairt ar an bhFiaclóir p 33​

Read the Irish comprehension aloud each day and if possible have an adult or sibling ask you the questions in English/Irish and answer in Irish.


  • Am don léamh

To register on this site you can register as a teacher to get access to all the resources. When asked for roll number use code Prim20.

An Gairdín Scoile p 50-51
Dé Luain- A- Fíor nó Bréagach

Dé Máirt – B- Freagair na ceisteanna

Dé Céadaoin – C- Scríobh isteach na focail chearta

Déardaoin – D- Faigh 4 fhocal ón scéal



Log in to your account on the CJ Fallon website  Click on Student Resources

(Select Primary – 5th Class – History Quest – Online Book – go to page p84)


Last week you read through chapter 11 Northern Ireland.

Please complete the following activities:

P91 Activity A


P 92 Choose one of the scenarios and write a short drama.



This week we are going to continue looking at some breathing techniques and guided visualisations. Becoming aware of your breath and learning to control it is a useful self-regulation tool that allows you to gain composure, develop good posture, relax, de-stress and better understand yourself and others.

● Sun Breathing Technique- Click on the link and practice this technique a few times every day. ​

● Guided Visualisation- Click on the link and choose the guided visualisation titled ‘ The sound of the Countryside’. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, listen and relax.



  • Watch “Home School Hub” on RTE 2 every morning at 11 am.
  • PE with Joe: The Body Coach TV. Available 9 am daily on YouTube