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Our new Green Schools’ Committee for 2019/20 has been elected and the members have been assigned their jobs on a rotational basis. Having just secured our Water Flag in June, we are now beginning to work towards our 4th Green Flag-Travel.

Sorcha Brophy, Green Schools Travel Officer, visited the school on Tuesday 22nd October to carry out a travel survey with all our classes. This will provide an excellent starting point from which  to plan our work going forward.

The 2019-2020 committee members include: Ugne, Mia, Mollie, Kayla, Adriana, Malwina , Cáitlin, Melanija, Fiona, Shania, Rebecca, Ula, Eimer, Holly, Alina, Ava, Natalie, Gintare, Kaitlyn and Klaudia.